From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur

Lic. iur. Andreas Schlumpf, Exec. MBA HSG, leads the Corporate Department. As a lawyer and economist and as a representative of an internationally oriented family business, he perfectly knows all different facets of a self-employed operation. Together with his team of qualified professionals he has specialized in the consulting of small and medium sized family businesses.

Centre point is the Business

The success of owner-managed family companies depends on the optimal interaction of many different factors, who differ from factors influencing big companies and publicly owned companies. Investment decisions do have a direct impact on the wealth situation of the family and its next generation. Volatility and unexpected occurrences can become existence-threatening. Short-term income expectations will usually become more moderate in return to growth, continuity, stability and long-term relationships, which will be valued higher.

Fabrical follows the same principles. This is why Fabrical’s relationships with its clients tend to be long-term, and persisting following the goal of growing together with the client and to shape the future of the company and family in an optimal way over one or more generations. The services provided by Fabrical are defined by the needs of the client. Fabrical acts together with its own specialists, as well as with a world-wide network of professionals, as coordinator for all required services.

Settlement in Switzerland

Fabrical offers foreign companies to create, manage and administer their Swiss operations. Depending on the requirements of the client, Fabrical can also offer fully fletched offices in a tax-friendly environment in the Canton of Zug. We have state-of-the-art furnished offices, meeting rooms, IT-infrastructure and back-office services beside a wide range of other services to offer.

Fabrical actively promotes business development in the Cantons of Zug and Zurich, this includes the settlement of international companies, of their management and owners. Switzerland and specially Zug and Zurich offer attractive frame conditions for individuals as well as corporations.


Start-Up Phase

  • Incorporation
  • Setup Business Plan
  • Setup Budget
  • Financing
  • Bank relations
  • Recruiting
  • Tax rulings

Business Development

  • Targets
  • Products / USP
  • Market
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Financial planning
  • Tax / Legal

Turn – around

  • Analysis Performance problems
  • Stabilization Finances
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Define Strategy
  • Implement Strategie
  • Monitoring/Review


  • Accounting
  • Cash planing
  • Reporting
  • Taxes
  • Legal
  • Negotiations
  • Succession Planing