Antonin Lacroix Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Auditor D.E.C. Financial Accountant +41 41 500 08 03 +41 79 270 49 33 +41 41 755 35 36 lacroix.fabrical

Antonin Lacroix is responsible for financial analysis and accounting and is working on corresponding mandates of globally operating structures.

Antonin has a long-time experience as an accountant and financial analyst of above-mentioned companies. He is being involved in various business stages, such as the setup of business plans, the analysis of business investments as well as the consolidation of assets. Besides that, he performs accounting work for companies of Fabrical’s clients and supervises work performed by external advisors. In addition, Antonin is creating, maintaining and monitoring sophisticated and tailor made periodical reportings and is the direct contact to auditors.

He is involved in mandates relating to Swiss as well as to foreign clients and their structures. Beside the internal resources, FABRICAL maintains a global network of highly qualified financial analysts, asset managers, accountants and auditors.

Excellent language skills in French, English and German. Antonin is married and father of two sons. Among other hobbies, he likes motorcycling, playing the piano and travelling.